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Seek MORE with Harper

Updated: May 22, 2023

This Summer, we will be highlighting our four lovely interns, who are part of the MORE Magazine team. Seek MORE by reading their stories on who they are and why they chose MORE Magazine.


My name is Harper, and I am a rising sophomore at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business. I am currently pursuing a degree in Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics; however, like with most things in life, that is subject to change.

My mother adopted me from China in 2002. From there I was raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana by my crazy supportive, crazy fun, and just plain crazy village of a family. While I’ve lived a beautiful life surrounded by beautiful people, growing up a minority in a predominantly white community was a difficult journey that I worked through and continue to work. I was raised surrounded by a community I identified with, yet sometimes, just for a second, it would be a shock to look in the mirror and see something unfamiliar in myself. I found the most personal growth after I went back to China my Junior year. During this trip I travelled with girls who were also adopted, and together we aided nannies in an orphanage. I found a community that I didn’t realize I had been missing. This is one of the reasons MORE Magazine resonates so strongly with me. It strives to share not only stories, but communities, to their readers.

I have always had a diverse array of interests. Some include painting, running, travel, and dairy-free alternatives. With this diverse array of interests comes uncertainty for my future. Because of this uncertainty, I seek ways to expand my network and learn from new experiences. At Indiana University, I am involved in Greek Life, Women in Business, and Kelley Guides. I hope to see success and happiness in whatever I may pursue and have the courage to reach beyond myself to uplift others as well.

Young woman holding a magazine

When I was first introduced to MORE Magazine founder, Arianna Cruz, I was inspired by her story. After I researched the magazine thoroughly, I realized MORE was an opportunity I had been unknowingly working towards. Ginni Rometty says, “comfort and growth do not coexist", and although I was unsure what to expect from this internship, I knew with certainty it would take me out of my comfort zone.

Seeking MORE encompasses self-growth and serving others, with MORE I challenge myself to strive for both. I've been pushed to explore my career possibilities and supported beyond just an internship. It is also an inspiration to actually do good instead of do-goodery, which is something social media can struggle with. I am thankful and excited for the opportunity to continue seeking MORE this summer.


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1 Comment

Aashna Dogra
Aashna Dogra
Jun 17, 2021

So well said Harper! Can't wait to see all the big things you do. ❤️

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