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We offer free advertising to nonprofits that align with our issue's upcoming theme. We work to elevate the mission and goals of those working for a better tomorrow.

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We are looking to partner with companies whose values align with ours and that we know our readers want to connect with.

MORE is about growth. Founded on believing in people and helping to achieve dreams. MORE encompasses the desire to expand one’s knowledge, provide a way for people to help and do more, as well as a channel for inspiration.


We believe that to inspire is to educate, and when one is educated and inspired, action and conversations will follow closely behind. MORE cultivates a place to Make Opportunities Reachable for Everyone. Our valued topics include Fashion, Conscious Living, Philanthropy, Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion.


Every issue will be curated with content made for any and all people that seek more for themselves, more for the ones they love, and more for the world we live in.


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Explore our Neighborhood and Partnership options and reach out at for next steps.

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