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Making Opportunities Reachable for Everyone

Founder and creator, Arianna has been curating content for MORE. With a focus on Making Opportunities Reachable for Everyone, she's created this magazine for the people that want more for themselves, the people they love, and more for the world we live in. 

MORE is focused on connecting people who value content pertaining to Fashion, Conscious Living, Sustainability, Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Philanthropy. Each issue will be curated with a mission to inspire, educate, and call people to action.

What it means to seek MORE

and how you can join us.

Part of Making Opportunities Reachable for Everyone is creating low-barrier to entry opportunities for those in our community making impact. In every issue, MORE offers free ad space available to nonprofits with values aligning with the issue's content. A call to action can look different for any one of our readers, so we work to provide them with opportunities to get involved, should they feel moved in that way. For more information about becoming one of our Nonprofit Neighbors, reach out to


Though the magazine was originally made to celebrate women, MORE celebrates the accomplishments of all, and works to be an inclusive community where contributors are men, women, and identities in-between. With this intentionality in mind, we work to be very intentional about our Partnerships. If you are interested in exploring what it means to part with us, let's start a conversation! 

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