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Indy Maven's Maven to Know

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Social Media Manager for Malibu C Professional and Director of Social Media for MORE Magazine, Marie Fisher, just moved back to the city after a post-college hiatus. Now that she’s back, when she isn’t playing mom to her adorable black lab, Bruno, she loves trying new food, attending local concerts and supporting local Indy. Tell us more, Marie!

Not to mention....



Arianna Cruz joined rockstars Samantha Burke (Pass the Torch for Women Foundation), Serena Planera (Eli Lilly and Company), and Danielle A. Drake, MPA, CSSGB (Indy Chamber/Women4Change) for a DEI Panel through the Orr Fellowship (thank you, Lauren Kenny!) at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana to celebrate Women's History Month in a very true-to-self and genuine event. Thank you to Payton Hodson, Nina Gollapudy, and Daniel Cuevas for all of your work!

Marie Fisher as a Panelist at IUPUI

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Marie Fisher was invited by Trevor Potts to Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis to speak on the Society as Text: Agents of Transformation in Communication Studies panel for Comm Studies Day! The panelists and her were able to discuss effective ways to use communication to create action to make society a more just and equitable place.

Arianna Cruz on Michael Loves Indy


Michael interviews Indianapolis artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders for his podcast Michael Loves Indy. 

On this special episode, MORE Magazine's founder, Arianna Cruz, shares how she is making a positive impact within Indianapolis at a young age. 

Click the link to listen and help Make Opportunities Reachable for Everyone.

IBJ's 20 in their Twenties


IBJ’s 20 in their Twenties honors emerging leaders who are making an impact on their communities at the very start of their careers. These 20-somethings are entrepreneurs, engineers, volunteers and social justice advocates—and people who will continue to contribute in the decades ahead. We are excited to share that founder, Arianna Cruz was included in 2022's cohort of honorees.  Photo courtesy of Eric Learned.

Great Lakes Women's Business Council

How do you turn your passions into a positive impact on the community? The WBE Forum event hosted three business owners to speak of where their passions have led them. Arianna Cruz, the founder of MORE Magazine, had the opportunity of being one of these 3 key speakers and shares community programs that impact the community.

Meet The Media 


Meet the Media: Arts, Entertainment, and Trending News Reporters was hosted by the PSRA Hoosier Chapter. This events provides opportunities to build and strengthen relationships with members of the media and holds insightful panel discussion. MORE Magazine's founder, Arianna Cruz, was one of the five panelists  to share her insight about her experience in media and how MORE Magazine came to be an inclusive community.


Have you ever thought about what it means to be sustainable in fashion, despite how fashion trends keep changing from day to day? PATTERN, Lux & Ivy, and several key players in Indy's fashion community hosted ThinkTank: A Conversation on Sustainability in Fashion where they discussed how they keep a focus on sustainability through their self-expression.  There were 4 panelists who shared their insight on sustainability in fashion, including MORE Magazine's founder, Arianna Cruz. 


Internet for Growth


Internet for Growth, an initiative of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, supports the transformative role the advertising-supported internet plays in empowering America’s small businesses, helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. Supported by a diverse community of over 700 IAB members including marketers, agencies, publishers, platforms, and ad tech providers, as well as hundreds of small businesses and creators, we highlight the benefits the internet delivers to local economies, expanding opportunities for innovators to reach markets far beyond their neighborhoods. Our work ensures people understand the limitless opportunity the internet provides for creativity and commerce, fair competition, and connecting with consumers on mutually shared values and interests, no matter the background or geography.

2021 Midwest Design Week


How do you allow opportunity for those around you? How do you create a channel of growth? It shouldn’t be about checking boxes or covering your ass. Incorporating opportunity should be a best practice, it should be something that is so well ingrained in your processes that you don’t think twice about it.


It should be synonymous with the culture of the company. Arianna Cruz will share the ways she’s learned to actively create channels of opportunity in design as well as in conversation.

IU Kelley School of Business Alumni Feature


Arianna says she knows women don’t always apply for jobs unless they think they meet all the qualifications. “From experience,” she says, “women should go for it.”

“Always go for it. Don’t be afraid to fail,” she said. “Take classes that might not apply to you. They’ll push you to expand your knowledge and creativity, to test your strengths and to challenge your weaknesses. Explore an internship that’s out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to try something new. It’s all a learning experience, and it’s the only way you’ll grow.”

Indy Maven's Maven to Know


The acronym MORE stands for Making Opportunities Reachable for Everyone. MORE is packed with articles that inspire and educate its readers and calls them to action. Through the magazine, Cruz is able to create conversations about topics such as conscious living, sustainability, diversity, inclusion, equality, and philanthropy.

We chatted with Cruz and got the 4-1-1 on how she turned her magazine dream into a reality, what success looks like to her, and her favorite places to visit in Indy.

Kelley ROI Podcast

KSBI_ROI_SM_Ep (2).jpg

So how do we take such monumental issues in society and turn them into action? Where do we even take the first step? Kelley ROI Padcast sat down with the Founder of MORE Magazine Arianna Cruz, BS'18, who shares how her big dreams to make opportunities reachable for everyone started.

Indy Design Week 2021


Arianna joins the excitement of Indy Design Week on #EarthDay! MORE is proud to be presenting the panel discussion: A Conversation on Sustainable Urban Development. Join the conversation and catch our article on City Development + Urban Sustainability in Issue II (one more week of pre-orders before launch!).


Panelists include Chris Smith of 1000 Words Gallery, Ashish Kalgaonkar of The Hot Room Yoga, and Domini Martin Urban.

Now Hear This with Chris Spangle


Chris Spangle invited founder, Arianna Cruz on Now Hear This with Chris Spangle to speak on the beginnings of MORE Magazine and our mission of Making Opportunities Reachable for Everyone. Arianna shed light on how we curate content to educate, inspire, and call to action our communities. 

Ipseity | Women in Business Conference


Founder, Arianna Cruz joined the Kelley School of Business for the Women in Business Speaker Series Conference 2021 focused on the theme of "Ipseity: The quality of being oneself or itself; the essential element of identity."


She spoke about creating her own business and sticking true to herself. Arianna was able to share insight and advice to women whose seats she had just been in only a few years ago. 

Entertain This! Podcast Feature

Not one, but TWO very special guests joined the boys of "Entertain This!" to talk about the entertainment industry’s problematic underrepresentation of diverse groups of people. Creator of MORE Magazine and social media influencer Arianna Cruz teams up with contributor/media aficionado/Alex’s girlfriend Chloe Price, to talk with the boys about women and people of color in popular media. There are things we can all do to help right now! By holding ourselves and others accountable to include women in our workspaces! Entertain This… Find out more and have a listen!

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