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Seek MORE with Aby

This Summer, we will be highlighting five empowered interns who are choosing to Seek MORE with us this semester. Get to know them by reading their stories and learning what seeking MORE means to them.


My name is Abigail Vilchiz; I am 18 years old and recently graduated from North Central High School. This fall, I plan to attend Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis as a Marketing major with a minor in Psychology. My goal is to join a cosmetic company's marketing team.

During my free time, I like to read books, paint, sing and draw. I also want to create fun, vivid makeup looks to post on social media. Creativity has always been an essential aspect of my life that allows me to express all parts of myself.

I am a first-generation Mexican American and the first to attend college in my family, and growing up as a minority in school was always difficult. Being in upper-level courses never felt like a safe space. Sitting in honors classes with predominantly white students, I endured a lot of negative comments. I would ask myself, “Why am I here?” I later realized that I could not let their words get to me. This past year I took on the role of secretary for the Spanish Honors Society at my school, allowing me to work on projects that care for the Hispanic/ Latino community. One of my favorite projects was our Culture Fest which raised money for “The Coalition for Our Immigrant Neighbors” in Indianapolis.

I was introduced to MORE by the Indiana Latino Institute’s first-year internship program. I was unfamiliar with the program, but I was instantly intrigued when I opened their website. I was captivated by their mission of “making opportunities reachable for everyone” and their focus on inclusivity. I am choosing to “Seek MORE” this summer to gain prior experience in the marketing world before entering college. I am very excited to start this journey and learn new things along the way.


Aby will be part of the Seek MORE internship program for Summer 2023. Learn more about how you and your company can support the program, and connect with Aby on LinkedIn. Our Seek MORE Internship Program has been proudly championed by Long-Sharp Gallery.

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