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10 Latinx-Owned Businesses to Watch

As a proud Mexican, woman-owned business, MORE is ecstatic to share some of our favorite shops to support beyond heritage months. By supporting and buying from these businesses, we aim to celebrate the Latinx community and promote the diverse talents and entrepreneurship present within it.

Woman modeling jewelry from Paula Mendoza Jewelry
Image Courtesy of Paula Mendoza Jewelry

Travel to Columbia with Paula Mendoza. Beyoncé is a fan, she wore her jewels in her “XO” music video. Serena Williams and Kylie Jenner are also fans and featured on Instagram. This sparked interest from Net-a-Porter who now carries her latest collection. Everything her brand creates from the gold to the emeralds is sourced sustainably and ethically from Columbia. Her inspiration lies in her home country and she strives to celebrate the gems in life with her jewels. Find her Instagram here.

Eco furnishings from Cisco Home
Image Courtesy of Cisco Home

Who isn’t looking for a new cozy place to lounge? Cisco Pinedo has curated eco-friendly furnishings and accessories for your home for the last 30 years. They were featured in the latest Architectural Digest in Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's sustainable LA farmhouse. You can find his furniture at upscale home stores across the country. Look on their website to find the store nearest to you. Find them on Instagram.

Carne asada tacos from Chris's Ice Cream
Image Courtesy of Chris's Ice Cream

This Ice cream shop is known to have the best carne asada tacos in Indianapolis. Do yourself a favor and get cheese in between the corn tortillas when you order. This beloved family-owned restaurant is sure to become a favorite for a quick casual lunch or dinner. Find them on Facebook for their menu and hours.

Cactus Leather handbag from Santos by Mónica
Image Courtesy of Santos by Monica

This dreamy cactus leather handbag line was designed by Puerto Rican Mónica Santos Gil. Her business is focuses on quality and sustainability. Her personal goal is to challenge fast fashion and create a new option for the modern, fashionable consumer. Find her latest collection on her Instagram.

Bella Doña, co-founded by LaLa Romero and Natalia Durazo, embodies the spirit of sisterhood and celebrates Chicano and LA culture. Their designs are inspired from the nostalgia of their childhood such as such as long acrylic nails, gold hoops, and winged eyeliner. They are unapologetic about the things they love and are here to continue a legacy a pride. Check out their Instagram.

YaVe Tequila
Image Courtesy of YaVe Tequila

"YaVe" phonetically spells out llave, which translates to "the key" in Spanish. Joe Cruz Jr. is from Harlem and he set out to create a luxury tequila, what he considers to be "the key" to the perfect margarita. The packaging is pretty enough for any bar cart! Their mango flavor is award-winning. Find their Instagram here.

Sculpture like jewelry
Image Courtesy of Paola Villas

Heirloom quality jewels that are museum-worthy. These pieces are intricate showstoppers that resemble tiny sculptures. Most pieces have a surreal twist inspired by the human form. Paola’s goal is to create jewelry that sparks conversation and connection amongst strangers. Her Instagram feed is a work of art itself.

Art Prints from Designing Chica
Image Courtesy of The Designing Chica

Susana Sanchez-Young’s art prints and wall hangings communicate her opinions on current events. She also comments on her perception of the culture. Look to her work for a timely refresh to your gallery wall. Find her pieces on Instagram.

Gutty's Comedy Club Sign
Image Courtesy of Gutty's Comedy Club

Founded by Steve Riviera and Dennis Tooley, Gutty’s Comedy club brings clean stand-up comedy to everyone! Consider your next family fun night planned. Check out their website to find their upcoming shows. They have locations in Indiana and Minnesota but also live stream their shows every Friday and Saturday night so you and your family can enjoy from the comfort of your own home!

Cosmetics from Luna Magic Beauty
Image courtesy of Luna Magic Beauty

This sister-owned beauty brand aims to create a new attitude towards makeup. their line capitalizes on Caribbean and Latin American influences. Their "beauty with a vibe" is intended for all people of the world. Their makeup can be found at select Walmart and Target locations. Look on their Instagram for more information.

Here is a collection of more lists of Latinx- owned businesses if you want to explore further with the LA Times, Good House Keeping, Buzzfeed, The Thrillist, and NBC News.

EcoWatched shared with us how important immigrant business owners can be in our solar energy growth journey, check out minority-owned businesses in the solar energy field.

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