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Seek MORE with Preithy

Updated: May 22, 2023

This year, we will be highlighting our lovely interns, who are part of the MORE Magazine team. Seek MORE by reading their stories on who they are and why they chose MORE Magazine.


Hi guys! My name is Preithy Reddy Guvvala, and I am a sophomore majoring in Economics and minoring in Financial Literacy and Mathematics at Indiana University Bloomington. I love playing the piano, badminton, and golf. In addition, I spend a lot of time volunteering at an animal shelter. When I am not studying or panicking, I am watching movies and reading books. Furthermore, I am passionate about traveling, experiencing new cultures and cuisines, and painting. I am highly interested in working at different companies where I can bring my background, knowledge, and college experiences to different fields of work.

Young woman standing outside

During my journey of finding internships, I read a short description of the roles

and responsibilities of this internship and after doing some preliminary research on MORE Magazine, I instantly wanted to join MORE and become part of this amazing

community. What stood out for me was that MORE not only values content pertaining to fashion, but also diversity, inclusion, equality, and sustainability. Most importantly, MORE Magazine’s endeavor is to inspire, educate, and call people to action. As a result, interning at MORE Magazine will definitely contribute to my personal and professional development. Additionally, the way MORE Magazine is committed to creating more opportunities for everyone, it has truly inspired and empowered me to not only push myself but also to empower others around me.

Continuing in the same vein, I plan to “seek MORE” by remaining hungry, driven, and committed. In addition, I believe that seeking MORE not only refers to looking out for more opportunities, but also to continue learning, growing, absorbing, and working towards self-growth. Seeking MORE also means to move out of your comfort zones and experiencing new things in life. Most importantly, seeking more also means to not only stick to your life goals/aim, instead spread it to different avenues and contribute to your surroundings and society. Predominantly, seeking MORE is crucial for development and growth in life.

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