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Seek MORE with Mackensie

This Spring, we will be highlighting four empowered interns who are choosing to Seek MORE with us this semester. Get to know them by reading their stories and learning what seeking MORE means to them.


My name is Mackensie Neumann and I am currently a Freshman in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. I am studying marketing with a minor in graphic design. I hope to use the skills I learn through these classes to help grow small businesses.

I am from Fort Wayne, and I have been working with a small pizza shop there for a while now. I have enjoyed working with the owners to build up their brand. It is rewarding to physically see the difference marketing has made for the company.

I have always enjoyed going to downtown Fort Wayne to the farmers market and seeing the different businesses that are there. I have so much respect for the hard work and passion the business owners have for their businesses. I have been privileged enough to go to private school for k-12, but with that came some issues. I attended the same school for k-8. Friend groups were established in kindergarten with very little shift by eighth grade. Even once I went off to high school, I was still surrounded by the same people, and again, I found myself without a support system.

The friendships I did have were a one way street. I would be giving my all to them, with nothing in return.

Thankfully, college has been able to provide me some relief. I have gotten involved in organizations that I care about. Through these organizations, I have met people with similar goals and aspirations as me. Now, we are each other’s support. We lift each other up and help when help is needed. College has allowed me to branch out and find friends that truly care about me.

Seeking MORE means to me that it is important to showcase everyone for who they are,

not who the world wants them to be. By showcasing someone being confident with what most other people would consider an insecurity, the insecurity will have no power. Eventually it will just become a normal thing.


Mackensie will be part of the Seek MORE Internship Program for Spring 2023. Learn more about how you and your company can support the program, and connect with Mackensie on LinkedIn.

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