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Must Shop Small Shops

The editors at MORE have put together a list of some of our favorite small shops, local shops (to us and where we wish we were) and businesses owned by real people. Between you, me, and the internet, there are a millions ways to support great businesses created by the best people, two of those ways? Sharing their work and buying directly from them.

Food + Wine

Are you looking to bring happiness to your taste buds? Then you should check out these wineries + restaurants for gift cards, wine for shipping + swooping. Treat yourself or others to a journey of delicious food and wine.

Bigger than You

These shops are incredible, not only for their offerings, but what they give back to their community. Every purchase you make is bigger than you—be sure to peep their about pages!

Made with Love

Hand-crafted/selected and hand-packaged, these small shops will elevate your shopping experience and make it worthwhile. And bonus—you'll be making a business owner's dreams come true!

Thrifted + Selected

Shop secondhand for that perfect vintage style. Embrace the vintage style that is sustainable and fashionable! Find quality items with the uniqueness you can't find in a mall (or on Amazon).

For the Green Human Bean

If your friends are beginning their journey of living for the earth and everyone on it, check out these shops with everyday essentials that you can swap out and feel good about.

Custom by You/for Them

Can't bear to gift something without adding your personal touch? Work with these fab shops to create your best gift for them!

Because we are based in Indiana, we have to share a great, well-curated Indiana-specific small shops to support. You can order for delivery or pick-up depending on where you are. Another fantastic list by Kristen Philipkoski at Forbes with a greater focus on woman-owned businesses to support as well. The editors at The Strategist also put together a list of 180 Black-Owned Businesses to Support, and for independent clothing brands, check out Elle's list of 100. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know, and we will update this list as we get more suggestions!

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