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15 Women-Owned Businesses You Should Know About

Let’s be honest, women are pretty incredible. With others and within ourselves, we build relationships that blossom and we tend to them, watering them for growth. We are constantly building. Women have magic within them, so when they build a business- Oh honey you KNOW it’s going to be good! Here is a list of Women- owned businesses that are sprinkled with the magic of their founders for us to enjoy.

S'well water

Sarah Kauss launched S'well in 2010. Her mission? To rid the world of plastic water bottles. She had a simple idea- if she made a beautiful water bottle that combined fashion with function, people would ditch the plastic. Her bottles are to be adorned like accessories to your outfits. 11 years later fans are still loving her designs. Check out their Instagram. Image Courtesy of S'well

Founders Lindsay and Alex provide resources and a shop to help integrate sustainable practices into your daily life. Way of Being can help us all. It is a shop and a tool offering supplies, education and encouragement to maintain a low-waste way of being, if you will. Their hope is to create a better world. Check out their Instagram.

Julie McClain- Musgrave is Indiana's Skin Care Goddess. She has been making women and men's skin goals a reality for decades. Her website has all the info of how to set a date with your skin's new best friend! Check out their Instagram.

Dog with Bark & Co. subsciption box toys

That’s right your pup’s favorite subscription boxes parent company is co-founded by Carly Strife. This dog lover’s company now boasts a value of over $220 million. She took her puppy love to the next level. To get your own box of treats and toys for your best friend, check out their Instagram.

Image courtesy of SUSTAIN the Mag

SUSTAIN is an online media platform where eco-conscious warriors cultivate a healthy, planet-friendly lifestyle founded by Reza Cristián. They're disrupting complacency and refusing habits of over-consuming in a throw-away society. Keep up with them as they normalize sustainability--and It’s not just some trendy, disposable phase. They're creating true sustaining habits and sharing how you can, too. Check out their Instagram.

Founder Raheema Chachouai has created a refined and modish collection of custom-designed hijabs for all. Check out their Instagram.

Ring from Mineralogy

Founder Theresa Cowan creates custom fine jewelry in her jewelry studio + shop. Check out her Instagram for all of her pretties.

Photo Courtesy of Mineralogy

Founder Maria Berglund Supports mothers in postpartum care through her non profit business. Check out their Instagram.

Become your own version of a supermodel for the day with the Midwest’s premier luxury boudoir studio. Check out their Facebook to see all of the images.

Floral arrangement from Lilly Lane

Lilly Lane curates show stopping florals for any event you need her for. She is also known for her flower subscriptions and her single bouquets. Check out her Instagram. Image courtesy of Lilly Lane.

This sustainable beauty brand is owned by Lin Chen. She hopes to revolutionize the beauty and wellness industry through Pink Moon. Check out their Instagram if you’re looking to change up your regimen.

Leslie Bailey heads Indy Maven. This incredible group of women bring content, curated events and community to the people. Check out their Instagram and sign up for their newsletter to stay in the know!

The Original Mighty Patch
Photo Courtesy of Hero Cosmetics .

Rhyu launched her company on amazon with a single product: the Mighty Patch original. The Mighty Patch Original is a hydrocolloid pimple patch that moves dirt and moisture away from acne to help calm the inflammation of your blemish. It shrinks your breakout overnight and has been attributed to magic. Hero sells a box of Mighty Patch every 15 seconds. It is sold at Target, Ulta Beauty, Urban Outfitters and Nieman Marcus. Check out their Instagram for more information.

Founder Liz Bell inspires the next generation of lash artists with quality education. She creates looks that her clients love and gives women unbounded confidence. Find them on Facebook.

Baby wearing Happi Tummi

Happi Tummi immediately soothes a crying, fussy or colicky baby. This amazing tool contains a blend of herbs that are warmed and wrapped against the baby’s tummy. It has calmed thousands of babies since 2004. Find them on Instagram.

Image Courtesy of Happi Tummi

Here are more collections of women- owned businesses you should know about:

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