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Seek MORE Internship

Because of our Partnerships, we have been able to host 22 (with more to come!) young women pursuing careers in business—with 75% being women of color and 90% in their first year of college. Through their internships, they have been set up for success through mentorship, resume building, interview prep, and building a tangible portfolio they're able to speak on, along with free access to multiple professional networks.


Mentorship is a core pillar of the Seek MORE internship. Our interns have weekly mentoring meetings with their supervisors. Oftentimes, through these meetings, they are connected with other professionals in the niche they are looking into. This allows the interns to reach out and connect, growing their knowledge through their newfound networks!


Resume Building

We help our interns create a strong resume based on their current and previous experiences. We can also help them connect with possible future internship opportunities. 


Networking Events

Our interns get free access to numerous networking events throughout their time with us. Some include our very own launch party and  a few Pass The Torch For Women Foundation events.  MORE Magazine interns also receive a free Indy Maven membership. This gets them into any Indy Maven event for FREE!

Tangible Portfolios 

The Seek MORE internship is a stepping stone experience. We help our interns build up their portfolios with real world experience. All interns receive  constructive feedback on their work enabling them to grow their skill set. With a well rounded portfolio, their next steps into the proffesional world will be a breeze.

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"Participating in this internship as a freshman has immersed me in the world of marketing. I had no idea what I wanted to do, but through exploration opportunities, I have found a love for branding + design."



"I learned how to be confident in the leader I am. Before this internship, I hadn't led a team of people exclusively my age, this internship gave me the opportunity to effectively lead a group of peers."



"Being an intern with MORE, I was able to immerse myself in different sectors of marketing. This gave me the opportunity to see how much I enjoy digital and content marketing."

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