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Celebrate Black-Owned Businesses

August is recognized as Black-Owned Business Month. We encourage everyone to shop, support, and share Black-Owned Businesses and the importance of continued support beyond this month. We have some of our favorites below:

Create. Connect. Collab

"Create. Connect. Collab. is a virtual community for women that offers professional development, accountability, and networking to Make Ish Happen! Founder/CEO, Starla Kay Mathis and Co-Founder/COO, Lateva Woolfork, founded Create. Connect. Collab to build "a community that provides creatives, leaders, and entrepreneur s the accountability, resources, and connections to amplify their brands and business achievements." Find them on Instagram.

Drea & Co.

"Drea & Co. is a boutique photography and digital content creation studio. A space meant to inspire you to live a lifestyle that exudes beauty and fulfills your passions. To our fellow creative entrepreneurs, we hope that you can pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and get cozy with us! We’ll provide tools and inspiration to aid you in your journey." Find them on Instagram.

Black Leaf Vegan

Black Leaf Vegan is a family-owned business that started selling plant-based meat burgers and nachos at local festivals and events in April 2021. Founded by Derrick Slack and his wife, Taria Slack, were able to expand their business to a cafe during Fall of 2022. They are located on 9th street in downtown Indianapolis. Find them on Instagram.

Tea's Me Cafe

"Tea’s Me Cafe specializes in providing the best loose leaf tea sourced from all over the world. Our guests notice the difference in the freshness, taste and aroma. Tea is incredibly healthy for you and is a wonderful way to start your day or can help you sleep at night." Find them on Instagram.

Embellish Couture

"Embellish Couture Is a Online Boutique, Bringing the Hottest Styles to your closet. Our goal is to put the "fun" in functional fashion. We know that looking stylish can make your whole day better; that's why we're committed to being your source for the newest trends." Find them on Instagram.

Kuaba Gallery

"Kuaba Gallery offers distinctive, authentic, and original contemporary African and Art of the Diaspora. So much of what has been seen in the western world about African art is artifacts. The pieces are mostly primitive art that was used for ancient and religious practices. Kuaba Gallery is dedicated to bringing African art and art of the Diaspora to the 21st Century." Find them on Instagram.

Rise House

Rise House (formerly Just Ride) is a premium fitness studio that offers cycling and yoga classes. Ride to the beat of the music or rise up on your mat. We focus on a holistic approach to fitness with a multitude of classes and offerings. We're here to raise the level of greatness in you.” Find them on Instagram.

Juice Remedy

"Bradford and Crystal Usher developed a passion for Health and Wellness after several years of exploring diverse diets, and products. They developed a love for cold-pressed juice, and understanding the benefits that it could have on the body. That it could serve as a remedy. In 2019, they created Juice Remedy a Health and Wellness company that offers delicious; nutrient-filled juice, Sea Moss and other products that will help remedy your life." Find them on Instagram.

Sweets from Mahogany Sugar Co


At Sweeties Gourmet Treats we use freshest ingredients and bake in small batches so that we can provide top quality desserts!” Stop by to taste their delicious desserts. Find them on Instagram.

Earth & Fire

“Earth + Fire is a Daughter & Mother Team of Creatives making original handmade jewelry & art. We use healing crystals that, we hope, resonates with your natural spirit. Earth + Fire is the brainchild of Krystal Teela Shalise, and Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah who started making jewelry as a hobby to wear themselves, and later turned into a business. Using our combined energies, styles, tastes and personalities, we create the beautiful products you find on this website.” Find them on Instagram.

Bars of soap from Make It Classy a clean beauty company

Gordon's Milkshake Bar

Handcrafted milkshakes, desserts, and hot dogs. Featuring dairy-free and vegan options.” Find them on Instagram.

Make It Classy

“Make It Classy was born based on a demand of women who desired cleaner beauty products. It began as online and in-person DIY beauty classes taught by Victoria Smith of Make It Classy is proudly based in Indianapolis, Indiana..” Find them on Instagram.

Perfect Apparel

“Our goal at Perfect Apparel is to deliver the best products at the most competitive prices. We believe that quality is most important to our customers and we strive to deliver on time, all of the time. If the product isn't "Perfect" it will not leave our shop.” Find them on Instagram.


“At Rita’s, “Ice Custard Happiness” is our way of life. We’re passionate about delivering super-friendly guest service and providing our guests with a cool, smooth, delightfully happy treat experience. If you’re looking to build memories, celebrate special moments, mark traditions, or simply need a pick-me-up, our fresh, tasty treats are guaranteed to do the trick. The best part? We take great pride in serving them to our community—and always with a side of happy.” Find them on Instagram.

Floral arrangement from The Flower Box

Green District Salads

“The Green District concept is designed to provide high-quality, healthy food to customers in a fun, lively environment. A truly unique experience awaits each customer. The brand, menu, and presentation of the concept is fun, unique, and approachable, and the menu design and food options are simple and easy to understand.” Find them on Instagram.

The Flower Box

“Special events and occasions are the perfect opportunities to add fresh flowers. Flowers always add that something extra to make your event pop! ” Find them on Instagram.

Chicken Scratch

At Chicken Scratch, they specialize in providing exceptional wings and hand cut loaded fries. Stop by their location to taste some of their delicious food that is made from scratch! Find them on Instagram.

Mixed Millennial

"Being mixed is an experience shared by many but discussed by few so our founders decided - instead of searching for a community, why not create one? Taylor and Ruby started Mixed Millennial to celebrate mixed identity, with a mission to connect and unite people through jewelry and conversation." Find them on Instagram.

House of AAMA

"Est. 2015 House of Aama is poised to become the next “great expression” in fashion and design. Manufactured 100% in Los Angeles, California. House of Aama is not just another clothing business. House of Aama is the spiritual expression of mother and daughter design duo, Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka in material form." Find them on Instagram.

Be Rooted

"Weaving culture into every design and message, Be Rooted inspires customers to explore their inner muse and celebrate self. We want our customers to know, you are seen and you belong here. Be Rooted in Culture. Be Rooted in Reflection. Be Rooted in Who You Are." Find them on Instagram.

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