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Assumptions on Adulting

Updated: May 22, 2023

Entering the workforce has been one thing, but entering adulthood has been another. In

addition to growing into my dream jobs in my career, I’ve learned a few things about growing up. Here’s a couple visions that haven’t gone quite as planned, and I’ve learned how to be more intentional because of the lessons learned.

“Graduating college will guarantee me a full-time job in the end.”

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It absolutely did not. I graduated during the start of the pandemic, and that alone was a whirlwind for job searching. I realized your experiences and involvement you have make you a qualified candidate. Your education isn’t a waste because it does prepare you, but internships, clubs, and organizations you’re a part of give you more real-life projects with soft skills you can transfer to the jobs you’re applying for.

“I’ll have so much free time. I can hang out with my friends every day.”

My friends and I have to plan weeks in advance for weekend trips because we all are busy with work, family, and life overall. It’s no longer Hey, I’m walking over to your place after class texts but now it reads more like, Hey, what’s your June calendar looking like?

“Life will just fall into place.”

From the looks of social media, it seems people went to college, found their significant other, got married, and started a family between the ages of 22-25. Here I am, a single woman with a rescue dog, trying to decide if the dating scene is really even worth diving into again. (And that’s okay!)

“Having independence will be so liberating!”

Okay, it is! But being independent means paying bills, learning how to do your taxes, and making sure your car registration doesn’t expire. Responsibilities end up piling in your lap with being independent.

“I’ll stay in touch with everyone.”

It’s hopeful, but not true. I realize now some people are only in your life for certain seasons, and that’s okay, too!

“Time will fly.”

This one rings true. I’m halfway through my 20’s, and I am in awe of the amazing memories I have made. I have no regrets and am so grateful for the life I’ve lived so far. Be sure to capture the moments to look back on.


Written by Marie Fisher.

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