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Seek MORE with Albre

This Spring, we will be highlighting three empowered interns who are choosing to Seek MORE with us this semester. Get to know them by reading their stories and learning what seeking MORE means to them


My name is Albreanna O’Quinn, and I am a freshman at Indiana University Indianapolis at the Kelley School of Business. I am currently majoring in Marketing, Supply Chain, and Real Estate and I hope to get a career as either a Marketing or Supply Chain Manager with Real Estate and a small business on the side.

Growing up, I’ve always loved playing dress up and playing with my Barbie and Bratz dolls. I also loved giving myself makeovers as well as giving my friends makeovers as well. Femininity has always been important to me, and I love it when women embrace and support each other. There are a lot of women in my family as I have three aunts on my mother’s side and four on my father’s side, and I have an older sister. Each of the women in my family is strong, courageous, independent, and devoted. I look up to all of them and hope to carry similar traits. I strive to be a “girl’s girl” and build strong and trusting relationships with other women both in professional and casual settings.  

I hope the small business that I have in the future will be able to help and encourage women. Whether it be through jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, etc., I hope to build a brand that will influence and inspire women as a whole. I have always been very creative and some of my favorite hobbies are painting, decorating, baking, and dancing. These hobbies are important to me because they give me a creative outlet where I can be myself and work on growing and improving myself as well. I also hope to use my creativity throughout my career path, especially within marketing and my future small business. I believe this internship will really help me to prioritize my goals and work toward them.

Seeking MORE to me means pushing myself each and every day to reach my goals and aspirational accomplishments. There have been many times when I’ve wanted to give up, but I always remind myself of the sacrifices my parents have made to get me where I am today. My family has always heavily supported me, and I am forever grateful for them. I want to continue persevering and striving no matter what obstacles come my way. Seeking MORE to me also means seeing more out of life and wanting to pursue something greater. I have always had big dreams when I was younger; I always wanted to be a singer, and now that I’m older I’m hoping to get into modeling. Although it may seem hard or impossible at first, I feel that if I truly apply myself and work hard then I can reach my dreams. This will be my first semester as an intern with MORE and I am extremely grateful for this amazing opportunity. I’m hoping to not only build my network but also to learn new marketing techniques and to prepare myself for future internship opportunities and my career!


Albre will be part of the Seek MORE internship program for Summer 2023. Learn more about how you and your company can support the program, and connect with Albre on LinkedIn. Our Seek MORE Internship Program has been proudly championed by Long-Sharp Gallery.

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