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Creating Space to be Present

Updated: May 22, 2023

Have you ever wished you could have help in the home? Something other than the average housekeeper or cleaning service, but a way for home to turn into a place of relaxation, rather than another task on the to do list. It’s common for the chores of the home to be put on the backs of women, on top of working and caring for children. It’s exhausting after a long day of work to come home to a pile of laundry that needs to be folded and dinner that needs to be started.

Most women dream of the work magically getting done so they can finally get a break during their day. It sounds impossible, but it doesn’t have to be.

MySherri is a company that exists to erase the idea that women should feel shame when asking for help in the home. Sherri Rainbolt, the Client Success Manager at MySherri, describes the company, not as a nanny, maid, or elderly care, but rather as “caring for the home with the goal of caring for your needs.” As working women, there exists an idea of needing to do it all. This mindset has been instilled in women for generations, therefore judgment has been formulated and asking for help tends to be seen as weak. How can the stigma around this modern concept be broken?

Woman placing a vase on a table

Insecurities and societal norms are the main cause of this stigma. They create pressure among all generations to perform a certain way in life and measure up to a nonexistent reality. Sherri believes most of the shame among younger generations can stem from an inner voice comparing oneself to other women, “because there’s this concept of superwoman.”

Millennials grew up during the time that social media started taking flight, causing opinions to consume individuals, surrounding one’s every thought. Over time, habits are bound to be created. Social media has made it easier to compare people all over the world. However, older generations weren’t raised with this technology, so they spent considerably less time obsessing over how others thought of them. While they do still have to battle the pressure of success and certain aspects, it isn’t plastered everywhere they look and they are to a point where they are able to block out the noise of others.

Two different generational clients at MySherri hold differing views on how they feel about

others judging their decisions. When people hear about someone outsourcing help in the

home, they might become critical because of the stigma, so how do these two clients handle

that? Jenny, a client from an older generation, deemed it a private matter, “it’s our life, I’m

selective about who I talk to about it.”

Arianna, a millennial utilizing the Young Professional Services, explained that the idea sounds “pompous” when talking to others. The investment can be a daunting matter to some, but Arianna pointed out that the concept is so unheard of that it’s still intriguing to them.

“When they hear what it opens up, both mentally and emotionally, it’s less judgment and more understanding and curiosity,” she shares.

As mentioned before, societal norms are a nonexistent reality, so when others hear that someone is competing with society they want to listen and follow. After comparing these different views, it’s clear that the younger generations put more thought behind how others regard them, rather than the older generations.

As Sherri Rainbolt believes, “With age comes wisdom. People realize how important it is to take care of yourself.”

That being said, older generations are often in a more financially stable position, and have been MySherri’s primary target market. However, MySherri provides clients with what they pay for and has services that allows clients to be met where they are.

Woman cooking on a stove

Clients have saved hours during their week from meal prepping, doing dishes, folding laundry, making the bed and washing the sheets, and even setting appointments. This company provides clients with an organized home. Jenny describes it as “a level of organization I’ve always wanted, but could never achieve on my own.”

MySherri helps achieve what you can’t do alone. Who doesn’t like to come home to a clean home?

It’s shocking that older clients aren’t more hesitant to say yes due to growing up during a time where the idea of women being housewives was popular, but Sherri claimed that it’s really the opposite. The younger generation clients are more hesitant to say yes because they are at a time in their life where they feel the need to be independent. There’s pressure on the younger generations because they are at the peak of their career. Older clients are closer to retirement, so they are finding ways to make that process easier in order to destress. The

placement of life contributes immensely to the inner voice saying it’s wrong to need help.

Even though the two clients interviewed are in different generations have opposing ideas around the concept, there have been no regrets with MySherri from either. These two women started the process believing it to be an impossible dream. Jenny believed, “I was undeserving of the help because there were others with more on their plates.” While Arianna shared, “It felt very elite. More of a dream than something that is very feasible.”

Now, they are both months into the process and found that having help in the home has opened up new opportunities for them.

Arianna shared she is now able to look at the bigger picture of her house, transforming it into what she really desires, rather than drowning in the tasks needed to be done. Jenny has

made room for mental freedom, and her home has become a destination of consistent place

of relaxation.

Two women leaning on a kitchen counter

At one point in life, the world got used to having nannies in their homes helping with children. Then house cleaning services came into the picture as a luxury. MySherri is another concept that the world has to grow accustomed to, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad idea. Judgment will always come from those around, especially when it comes to a concept that is new.

Every woman is deserving of help. Erase feelings of shame and guilt from your mind and open yourself up to the new opportunities that can be created. MySherri allows women to

chase dreams that appear to be out of reach. MySherri emphasizes: you are not less than a

woman because you make the choice to ask for help, rather you are create space in your

life that allows you to be present.


Written by Sarah Oliver featuring interviews with Sherri Rainbolt, MySherri Client Success Manager and MySherri Clients, Jenny and Arianna. Images courtesy of MySherri. MORE Magazine proudly partners with MySherri as we seek MORE together.

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