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It's Time to Set the Table


We remain centered on our mission to Make Opportunities Reachable for Everyone. Through creating accessible content, cultivating a space to share stories and voices, and prioritizing our Seek MORE Internship Program, we have built a business with intention. 

As we have had support for our mission, we realized there were not too many ways for our community to get engaged outside of our biannual launches as individuals or with a Partnership as a business.  Our cups are full of requests from those around us for a more impactful way to support us as individuals, and we have seen that It's Time to Set the Table. 

We’ll always have a seat for you – because family that sits together, grows together.

In the ways that we've had help getting to the tables we are at, we invite you to save a seat for those that are growing and working with us to find ways to seek MORE for themselves. 

When you save a seat for someone else and pay it forward, you'll be directly supporting our Seek MORE Internship Program. Along with knowledge of what you'll be helping to build you will also receive: 

  • 2 magazines a year

  • $5 off additional magazines orders

  • $5 off PLHH

  • Exclusive video and audio content with female founders, subject matter experts, and those you are Making Opportunities Reachable for.

100 USD a year from you will be the starting point for someone in their career. It's time to set the table, save a seat with us. 

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