A licensed makeup artist and body painter, Rachel has been doing makeup professionally for about over 4 years. She specializes in a number of areas such as print, editorial, commercial, bridal and body paint. For as long as she can remember she's always had a passion for makeup; not only just the art of transforming people through makeup, but lifting them up with it as well.


Rachel feels she's been lucky enough to work with some incredible individuals that have not only helped shape her portfolio, but her career as a makeup artist.  Her goals as an artist are definitely not small, but not unachievable either!


She dreams of making her way into the film industry more as well as work on print ad commercials and editorials. Not only is practicing and perfecting her craft SO important to her, but education is as well which is why the ultimate goal is to open a studio for all artists to come in and learn from some of the leading professionals in the industry.