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Seek MORE with Manasa

Updated: May 22, 2023

This Summer, we will be highlighting our six lovely interns, who are part of the MORE Magazine team. Seek MORE by reading their stories on who they are and why they chose MORE Magazine.


Hi! My name is Manasa Chenna, currently an incoming sophomore at Indiana University studying marketing and digital technology management. As I continue my education and receive my bachelor’s degree from the Kelley School of Business, I hope to work in the marketing field working in consulting firms or startup companies.

I started gaining interest through my mom’s business where she was a sole proprietor in selling ethnic jewelry and clothes. Throughout high school, I’ve helped my mom with her business. As her business grew, my passion for business grew even more. I became invested in the business world, obtaining the financial, analytical, and management skills that are needed for a self-employed business. I was able to apply the knowledge, skills, and experience I gained from helping with my mother’s business in addition to my extracurricular service activities. I gained a lot of accounting and marketing experience while helping out my mother.

Young woman standing holding issue IV of MORE Magazine

As a person of color growing up in a small town in Illinois, the challenges were overwhelming and taught me several life lessons. I am lucky that I was able to grow up with a group of Indian friends who also understood the struggles that we endure on a daily basis. However, as I continued to grow throughout middle school and high school, I’ve learned to embrace my culture and overcome any comments and taunts that were made toward me. I am grateful to have parents who taught me to become independent with my education, and career, and to never let myself down in every negative input that is directed at me.

With that energy and motivation, I cannot wait to apply and direct it towards MORE Magazine and meet a diverse and unique group of women. When my friend mentioned MORE Magazine and how her internship experience went, I couldn’t help but wonder if I would be considered for an internship here. I decided to go for it, and here I am, interning at an empowering magazine company that advocates for diversity and self-growth. I am so excited to be part of a team that and inspires women to pursue their passions and dreams.

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